Control, Trust and Our Little Boxes

My current car-less lifestyle has caused me to slow way down.  The previous two months I was running like crazy, sometimes coming and going from my place 5 different times a day.  It’s not my favorite way to do life, but I had briefly committed to more than I should have.  My life these past … More Control, Trust and Our Little Boxes


Slowing Down

A few weeks ago I was driving home alone after dark when suddenly my car decided to die.  It resurrected then died and then came alive enough for me to make it home and to the mechanic’s the next day. And there it still sits. This has changed my life up quite a bit.  For … More Slowing Down

Take a Risk

Up by 5:30, showered and ready to go by 6:30. At 7:25am I hopped a bus from Delhi, NY into NYC. The temperature was about 16ºF, a little warmer than the previous 2 days but threatening to drop significantly in the next 24 hrs. Feeling a little apprehensive about the trip threw my stomach off … More Take a Risk

Seeds & Seasons

Sometimes a seed take a long time to grow, and it takes even longer to bear fruit. Sometimes we wonder if the seed ever held life at all, seemingly dormant for weeks, months or even years upon end. Then one day something shifts. The circumstances are just right. The environment is ready to receive. The … More Seeds & Seasons

Capturing the Moments

Tonight at Viva after ordering some Wonton Mee take away for my roomie I took a few moments to soak in the scene before me. It was a Sunday night, and the hawker centre was booming with people of all ages, sizes, religions and ethnicities. Noodles were cooking. Chicken was being grilled. People were bustling … More Capturing the Moments

My 500 Words

I’ve joined a “My 500 Words” challenge which means that I will be attempting to write at least 500 unedited (for the most part) words for the next 31 days. Please bear with me as I take on this challenge and see where it leads over this next month. Honestly, I’m a bit afraid. What … More My 500 Words

An Orphan No Longer

Lately I’ve been thinking about something that I learned from my parents while growing up. I’ve really been struck with the fact that both of them are givers, one of those “caught not taught” ways of life. I mean I’m sure we talked about these things, but the real impact came from just watching and learning … More An Orphan No Longer

Kid Stuff

There’s just something about little kids. They’re so uninhibited, so unaware of the pressures of this world. They laugh and run and play and dance. They don’t care if anyone’s watching. They don’t know how deep the water is, and they always believe that Daddy’s going to catch them when they jump. They don’t worry … More Kid Stuff

6 Months

Yesterday marked 6 months since I arrived in Penang. So much has happened.  So much has been stirred.  So many tears have been cried and moments celebrated. This season has been unique, as each new season usually is.  There are familiar aches and growing pains that come along with moving to a new place.  This … More 6 Months