Slowing Down

A few weeks ago I was driving home alone after dark when suddenly my car decided to die.  It resurrected then died and then came alive enough for me to make it home and to the mechanic’s the next day. And there it still sits. This has changed my life up quite a bit.  For … More Slowing Down

Take a Risk

Up by 5:30, showered and ready to go by 6:30. At 7:25am I hopped a bus from Delhi, NY into NYC. The temperature was about 16ºF, a little warmer than the previous 2 days but threatening to drop significantly in the next 24 hrs. Feeling a little apprehensive about the trip threw my stomach off … More Take a Risk

Seeds & Seasons

Sometimes a seed take a long time to grow, and it takes even longer to bear fruit. Sometimes we wonder if the seed ever held life at all, seemingly dormant for weeks, months or even years upon end. Then one day something shifts. The circumstances are just right. The environment is ready to receive. The … More Seeds & Seasons

Capturing the Moments

Tonight at Viva after ordering some Wonton Mee take away for my roomie I took a few moments to soak in the scene before me. It was a Sunday night, and the hawker centre was booming with people of all ages, sizes, religions and ethnicities. Noodles were cooking. Chicken was being grilled. People were bustling … More Capturing the Moments