We make choices every day. Some are good choices.  Some not so good. Our “little” choices add up and influence the bigger decisions that we make. I’ve been reflecting on this lately as I’ve been thinking about my walk with Jesus.  For me, I didn’t start off my walk with Him jumping head first into … More Choices



As I was walking along the beach recently I noticed a pretty shell in the sand and went to pick up, but then I realized that it was broken…Incomplete and imperfect. My immediate reaction was that I didn’t want it because it wasn’t whole. Right then and there I felt the Father whispering to my … More Broken

Lean In

“Be in your life.” A wonderful woman named Betsy Garmond first introduced me to this thought.  I had the privilege of learning from her during my time in the CGA with Adventures in Missions and tried to soak in as much wisdom from her as I could. This phrase has come to mind often as … More Lean In

Getting Aquainted

It’s been about 3 days now.  It seems like longer than that. It wasn’t until the last 2 shorter flights here that a bit of reality began to settle in and I started to get excited. Before that there were so many checklists and goodbyes and logistical things to take care of I didn’t have … More Getting Aquainted

Something New

I can hardly believe that as I’m writing this the date is January 7th, 2014. Today is the day that I close yet another chapter of life and open up to a fresh new page. Right now I’m somewhere over the western part of the US headed to San Francisco. The past few hours have … More Something New