This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My perception of love gets blurred sometimes by romantic comedies, fairytales, country music and maybe even One Direction if I’m being honest.

In our highly sexual culture the meaning becomes watered down and about as deep and dirty as a mud puddle.

This past Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love, I was reminded of a few characteristics and expressions of authentic love.

Of course this isn’t all-inclusive. It’s just a bit of what I’ve drawn from my experiences and how I view it through my lens.


Love is deeper and wider and higher than we can ever imagine it.

I believe it’s more than a fleeting feeling.

I know for certain that it’s more than infatuation.

Sincere love isn’t dependent on circumstances or behavior.

Enduring love, that deep kind that makes your heart ache with pain or joy, is willing to make sacrifices.

Love gives without agenda, expecting nothing in return.

Love is committed. Steady. Unfailing.

Love doesn’t have to understand.

I don’t think that love is blind. I believe when someone truly loves you it’s because they see your weaknesses and your strengths. They’ve seen you at your best and at your worst, and in the end they’ve decided that you’re worth it.

Love is considerate.

Love isn’t inconvenienced by sacrifices but is always seeking the good of the other person.

Love always forgives.

Love calls you out and up into the person you were created to be, even if when it’s uncomfortable.

Love is mysterious.

Love is always watching, always waiting, always longing for the wayward and lost to return.

Love doesn’t define you by your past but sees your story as a window to your soul.

Love never manipulates, condemns or tries to control.

Love works long hours and takes risks for the benefit of others.

Love doesn’t pacify for the sake of keeping a false peace.

Love is patient and kind.

Love holds back your hair when you’re throwing up in the middle of the night.

Love challenges you and spurs you on.

Love is an action verb.

Love listens.

Love slips a note in your suitcase before you leave.

Love always has your best interest at heart.

Love wakes you up while giving you a kiss goodbye before leaving for work in the morning.

Love is longsuffering and steadfast.

Love covers over a multitude of sins.

Love never fails.

Today I am more thankful than ever for the ways that my family and friends and my Creator Father have loved me & for what they’ve taught me about love.

As long as there is love, we have the inspiration and the strength we need to keep hoping and living abundantly.  As long as there is love there will be joy in this journey.

“And if I give all my possessions to feed the poor, and if I surrender my body to be burned, but do not have love, it profits me nothing.”   ~  I Corinthians 13:3  ~


2 thoughts on “This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. I LOVE this:) haha. Especially this one: “Love doesn’t define you by your past but sees your story as a window to your soul.” That ones is so beautiful… And it’s such a privilege to enter people’s stories. Love you.


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