The One

If the gospel is only relevant in Christian worship circles or mass conferences but doesn’t apply to every individual then something is seriously missing. … More The One

This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My perception of love gets blurred sometimes by romantic comedies, fairytales, country music and maybe even One Direction if I’m being honest. In our highly sexual culture the meaning becomes watered down and about as deep and dirty as a mud puddle. This past Valentine’s Day, the day that celebrates love, I was reminded of … More This Crazy Little Thing Called Love


6 Months

Yesterday marked 6 months since I arrived in Penang. So much has happened.  So much has been stirred.  So many tears have been cried and moments celebrated. This season has been unique, as each new season usually is.  There are familiar aches and growing pains that come along with moving to a new place.  This … More 6 Months