Led by the lantern Light

I think it’s so interesting the various places God calls us to as individuals. The different paths He has us walk down. Each unique and purposeful.

For some, He plants a bright, clear dream in them as a child. For others, He has them walk down a foggy road with only His light as the lantern in their hand, showing them one step at a time.

For me, it’s definitely been more of the lantern method. Many years I’ve felt surrounded by fog, taking one painstakingly slow step at a time. During these times I feel as if I move at the pace of molasses and am sometimes overcome with frustration by my lack of long-term vision.

And yet, I still have what I need for the present. I have the Light. I have my daily bread. I have His presence. And that has proven to be more than enough.

The years go by. The fog becomes thinner, and I feel that I’m gaining ground. I look back and the path begins to make more sense. I feel more at ease. My confidence has grown. I realize that I truly can trust the Father, and that there was way more happening all those years that I just wasn’t able to recognize in the moment. It’s making more sense now.

But sometimes that fog settles in again, and once more I have to reorient myself to the slow and steady pace of the daily walk being of being led by lantern Light. I’m once again challenged to trust and be faithful and to truly believe that this road is taking me to my destiny and purpose.

The course has not changed. Only the scope of my limited vision in time.

Do I venture to withdraw my trust in the Light because of my circumstances? I dare not, for He has proven Himself over and over again. I’d be foolish and forgetful should I shift my trust away from the proven Source.

So I cling closely to the Light, for that is where the clarity is.

“Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions;
the revelation of Your Word makes my pathway clear.” Psalm 119:5 (TPT)

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